Second Opinion

The second medical opinion is usually obtained by a second doctor examining an already existing medical report. A second medical opinion helps you to gain clarity about your state of health and to find the most appropriate treatment method for you. Doubts you have prior to serious surgeries and treatments can thereby be cleared up before you undergo the treatment. In addition, a second opinion can help you identify possible misdiagnoses by comparing two independent diagnoses.

Especially in case of surgical interventions that are planned in advance the opinion of a second physician can be particularly helpful in order to find the ideal procedure. Different surgical techniques always differ in the risks and achievable results. In addition, certain techniques are better suited for a particular patient than others. The second medical opinion helps you on your way to a treatment that is optimally adjusted to your specific needs.

Obtaining a Second Opinion

In order to obtain a second medical opinion you first provide the doctor with your already existing medical reports. You will then be informed which additional medical tests are required for a well-founded assessment of your state of health. Patients from abroad can carry out certain examinations in their home country. On the basis of the findings and additional information the doctor can assess your health status and propose suitable treatment options.

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