Upper Arm Lift

The Upper Arm Lift, medical term Brachioplasty, serves to tighten the upper arms by removing excess tissue or skin flaps. After extensive weight loss often excess skin remains, which is perceived as disturbing by the affected person. Natural aging processes and genetic factors can also affect the elasticity of the skin on the upper arms.

After a significant weight loss, the skin can regress in certain body regions over time. In some cases, however, this effect does not occur despite targeted training at the affected body region. The decision for a lifting procedure is then usually made for aesthetic reasons. Various methods, which serve to tighten and reduce the size of the upper arms, can provide a remedy here.

Surgical Upper Arm Lift

The surgical upper arm lift is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes about two to three hours. Alternatively, surgery can also be performed under local (tumescent) anesthesia. For this purpose, the area is first infiltrated with tumescent solution (Klein’s solution).

The excess tissue is subsequently removed using a spindle-shaped incision. The length of the incision depends on the extent of the tissue to be removed. This allows the removal of excess fat, skin, and connective tissue. Muscles, nerves, and vessels are thereby eliminated. Subsequently, the incisions are sutured and a temporary drainage is set.

After surgery, the arms are usually stabilized for a few days with compression bandages. In the first weeks after the operation, sporting activities and excessive stretching or bending of the arms should be avoided in order not to hinder optimal wound healing. Depending on the technique, skill of the surgeon, and individual factors, this procedure can leave more or less strongly visible scars.

Laser Treatment for Upper Arm Lift

The backside of the upper arms is treated with a special laser and thus the skin and connective tissue are shrunk. Because of the laser skin and tissue damage (burning), pain during the treatment, and permanent scars can not be completely ruled out in this method.

Upper Arm Lift by Liposuction

Liposuction with microcannulas (liposculpture) provides a gentle alternative to the invasive surgical method. In this procedure excess fat tissue is extracted from the upper arms by means of fine microcannulas, thereby modeling the silhouette of the upper arm. The upper arm lift using liposuction can be carried out on an outpatient basis in local anesthesia. Follow-up is easy, patients are presentable again the next day.

In certain cases, a combination of surgical upper arm lift and liposuction can be recommendable to achieve the desired result.